Interface NotificationFactory

public interface NotificationFactory

NotificationFactory is a factory interface for creating NotificationMessages. Classes that implement the interface will create messages in a format they define and addressed to the recipients they decide. The platform will pass the factory contextual information that the factory implementation can use when generating the message.

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Method Summary
 java.util.Collection getNotification(java.lang.Object context)
          Returns collection of notification messages based on the given context.

Method Detail


public java.util.Collection getNotification(java.lang.Object context)
Returns collection of notification messages based on the given context. Multiple recipients can be specified within the same notification. Consider the fact that each recipient might have a different preferred locale, the subject and message body have to be formated according to the locales.

context - The runtime context associated with the notification. Depending on the situation where the factory is called, the context object may be a different class. The factory should know the situation where it will be used and downcast the context object accordingly. For example, for workflow notifications, the platform will pass a different object than when a lost password is sent.
Collection of NotificationMessages to be sent.

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