Provides a framework for message logging.


Class Summary
SystemLog External class that provides an interface for message logging.

Package Description

Provides a framework for message logging.


The logging API has been developed to provide an interface for message logging. The supported message types are INFO, WARNING, and ERROR. The logging API provides two ways of message logging: localizable message logging and non-localized message logging. Localizable message logging methods log a message by the message key, the logged message will be retrieved from the resource bundle registered in using the server locale. Non-localized message logging methods log the message passed in the method call directly, rather than retrieving a message from the resource bundle. To comply with the Tivoli Software Serviceability Imperative, all the Tivoli Identity Manager messages are logged by message key and thus are localized. The non-localized message logging is intended for the customers to use in the server-side extension code for their convenience.

The concept of categories is introduced to support the hierarchical control of the message logging. The category is a dot-separated string. When no category is specified, the package name of the logging source object (the object which calls the logging API) will be implicitly resolved as the category name.

The logging API supports JLOG (IBM Logging toolkit for Java) and Log4j, by default JLOG is used. The support for Log4j is deprecated and will be dropped in the next major release. And all the deprecated methods and constants will also be removed in the next major release.

The logging configuration is setup in Please refer to the Tivoli Identity Manager InfoCenter: Configuring Supplemental Properties for the detailed information.

IBM Tivoli Identity Manager 4.6
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